To EVERY serving warrior changing the world.

Thank you for having the courage, determination and bravery to serve in this season.
We can only be inspired by the inner strength and character you have.
We love and respect you for that.

May you and your loved ones experience His peace, protection, tangible presence and power.

The Lord bless you and keep you
Num 6 :24-26

Also :
*Judah (2) dislocated his elbow during lockdown and now refers to the Dr. as Dr Donald Duck 🙂
* We have seen so many beautiful & impactful photos of SAPS & SADF
* We thank God for our amazing president and godly leaders.
* Thanks to everyone who works to keeps our country and lives going forward. Cleaners, NGO’s, admin, churches, security, roadworks, sanitation, farm workers, farmers and distributors and so many more.

You are so valuable
Marise, Jacques and Judah