Create an opportunity for someone to be employed or grow in their skills.

Our vision is to build lives that build a nation through helping people to be more employable. We believe that YOU could be that change agent that can help build bridges between people and potential places of work or study.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to work opportunities have become challenging and so as a response we have created this online notice board platform to connect employers with potential candidates.
The end goal is for each potential candidate to become employed but we welcome further education, internships, volunteerism, skills development, freelancing, and entrepreneurship as all of these contribute to a life moved forward. 

Feel free to post an opportunity here – hopefully it brings a noteworthy candidate your way.

Create Your Listing


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Some tips for creating a job opportunity

 Use a descriptive job title

 Add a detailed and motivational introduction

This is a single paragraph that gives three to five details applicants will find most useful or exciting about the job. It is similar to the opening sentences that newspapers use to hook you into reading the full article.

 Tell your company story

Information about your company that applicants would want to know. How many years you’ve been in business, what your mission is, etc.

 Explain the location

If you offer Remote Friendly working, you could unpack a bit about how this works for your business.