Hello, I’m alan

Meet Alan

Why did you decide to cycle for HAF/ Innovation hub?
To be honest, it was all about the design of the jersey – I wanted one so badly and couldn’t buy it, I actually had to earn it. The team aspect came second and cause eventually followed when I was totally roped in and started attending the training sessions at Virgin. What I loved about it all, and what kept me going, was that I was not only riding to raise funds for a good cause, but I got to know more people in our church, from circles that I was never in, and I love the relationships and friendships that were formed as a result.
What was the highlight of the race day for you?
Haha, definitely the time that our group did the ride in. I was blown away – definitely hooked on cycling now! Another highlight was the sheer amount of exposure that Hillsong, HAF and our sponsors received. This is just a small beginning for something that is going to become very big, and I’m excited to be part of it all!