Hello, I’m Chantelle

Meet Chantelle

“I’ve been serving with VIP for just over a year. I chose to serve here because I’ve always had a big love for people and always had compassion for their brokenness. I saw the need even if I was just driving on the street, when I was working with people with in my job or wherever I encountered homeless people that didn’t have enough. You can see how broken their lives are and that they just need someone to see them, love on them and someone to give them hope. I wanted to be doing more than what I was doing at that time and I wanted to be able to help people in the right way. The VIP program that HAF runs on a Sunday morning actually brings the best way to help them and to be there for them because it’s difficult build a relationship with someone if you don’t see them on a regular basis. By joining the VIP team, I’ve been able to build relationships with our incredible VIP’s and to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”
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