Hello, I’m Jacques

Meet Jacques

Meet Jack, who serves on our VIP team in our Somerset West Hillsong South Africa location every Sunday! Read more about why he decided to volunteer with HAF:
The VIP program is incredible because you get to meet all the people coming in from the communities on buses to our location every week. I really love it and it’s amazing seeing a shift in the perspective of entitlement our society so often communicates to us. The people you serve with and the people you serve are awesome and are all from different and more difficult backgrounds. So being open with them and treating everyone the same is absolutely changing something in their lives and in your personal life as well. It’s obviously a process but for me personally, I just wanted to make people feel as welcome as possible so they want to come back every single Sunday. And hopefully over time, by taking one step after each other, they start building up confidence and a sense of belonging.”