Hello, I’m Justin

Meet Justin

Meet Justin, our communications oversight here at HAF.
He rode with the cycling team who raised funds towards the establishment of the first ever Gugulethu Innovation Hub.
Justin tells us a bit about the cycling kit and the inspiration behind it:
“Our cycling kit design was inspired by our mission to build lives that will build the nation. We wanted that message to come across in the styling of our team. It had to be clean and striking.
The colors are all derived from the South African flag which is a testament to our diversity as the rainbow Nation. 
There are numerous tiles and blocks patterned into the colors which represent the many lives or building blocks that play a part in building our beloved nation.
Most importantly the reason we are riding is displayed at the back of the jersey; Riding 4 the Gugulethu Innovation Hub. 
We ride to raise awareness and funds towards this exciting endeavor.
As a team we are proud to represent our Nation and the Foundation’s cause through our cycling. I hope it attracts attention and causes others to stop and ask, how can I be a part of it?”