Hello, I’m rick

Meet Rick

Meet Rick who is part of our incredible VIP team in our Somerset West Hillsong South Africa location! Find out how serving with our team has impacted his life:
“Serving has absolutely changed my life. I used to be a very stubborn person but when you start serving, it humbles you. I went from living for what I needed to giving to other people what they might need. Even if it’s just a smile or a ‘hello’, a lot of people just need someone to be positive and to show them that regardless of their situation there is still hope for them.
For me it’s just about giving and helping people even if it’s just in a small way because I truly believe that that’s what I’m called to do. In order to grow in any of your skills, you have to start small, nourish your gifts and grow from there. I believe if I start small for instance with giving out sandwiches or smiling at someone, I’m continually impacting others and I’m working on my skill and my purpose at the same time.”